Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ultra webgrid Row Numbering

Today i had to add some row numbers to an ultrawebgrid although it was simple but now a day infragistics support is really not good so you have explore and implement. during research i come to know that there is a property of AllowRowNumberingDefault in displayLayout section of grid is responsible to Row numbers. now if you want this row number to be continues over several pages you need to set is AllowRowNumberingDefault = "Continuous" . this property is also available at band level so that you could set it on a certain band level. now if you want to use the row number at client side you need to set another property in displayout section with name EnableClientSideRenumbering = "true"  it can also be set at band level in some version but in my case where i am using 2007.2 it was only at displayout section.

one more thing to remember when trying to show Row numbering you need to set rowselector property to true otherwise these number will not appear because the row number is displayed on selector of the row.

Link which help me in this context.

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