Wednesday, September 2, 2015

History of Automation

Today I just came across this article thanks to Ruan for sharing such a nice piece of information. It has a correlation with release automation.

Noon Gun
The Noon Gun has been a historic time signal in Cape Town, South Africa since 1806. The gun is situated on Signal Hill, close to the center of the city.

Source: Wikipedia

And the first ever bug in the process was not a bug it was spider

After the advent of the galvanic telegraph, it became possible to trigger a gun remotely and since 1864 the Noon Gun has been fired from the master clock of the oldest timekeeper in the country, the South African Astronomical Observatory. One day in June 1895 the gun fired at 10:30 rather than 12:00 when a spider interfered with the relay used to remotely fire the gun

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