Thursday, December 9, 2010

how to Delete a BizTalk application from the management db manually

Today i came across a situation where deletion of a BizTalk application throwing some exceptions. as usual it was some timeout expired because BizTalk Administration Tool was unable to delete the resources i think it was due to pipeline which was not deployed properly during import process. i surfed the net and found couple solutions like

but it did not solve the issues because of the dependencies. I also found a Tool with name BTSZap Available here to manually delete the BTS applications. none of these solved my issue so i did what was the basic approach.

  1. i identified the independent resource of project like pipelines and removed them from application by right clicking then removing
  2. then i deleted all Assemblies which did not had a reference in other assemblies
  3. then i deleted/removed  the rest of the assemblies and then finally i was able to remove the Application

so the job is done now.

some related discussion is available here

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