Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Client Communication Guidelines

1. Verbal communication including how to greet, explain and react to clients on different phase like in analysis, deployment and UAT

2. written Communication, including emails and status reports

3. Identification and escalation of changes and change requests.

4. how to keep live and follow-ups a thread, notification and problem escalation

5. Management involvement or issue escalation techniques, i mean when to induct top layer in a mail loop. I mean no need to include senior management in every email until there is really a need, to provide them bandwidth for other horizons to work upon.

6. How to remain disciplined in front of client, I mean if there is a high priority issue or problem everybody is jumping in to resolve that. Rather let Client Liaison/Project manager to resolve it

7. Escalation of Project variance and deadline to all stakeholders

8. How to be proactive rather reactive in client communication.

9. How to keep your primary contact relax and happy even if project is in trouble.

10. Increase the project’s perceived importance in your and your Client’s field of vision.

11. Reduce the temptation to delay something on that project for the sake of another as you’ll have to report on progress in less than a week, e.g. schedule and budget updates.

12. Allow for a constant flow of review and decision making at regular intervals, hence making planning easier.

13. Rapidly encourage a good working rapport with a client making things easier for both sides.

14. Avoid dealing with ad hoc requests the minute they come in, often they’re not as urgent as they seem.

15. Have a consistent project folder structure and file naming convention.

16. Follow consistent processes, so you get better at estimating how long similar tasks in the future will take: e.g. creating a proposal or functional specifications which are dependent on size of the project.

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