Sunday, May 12, 2013

Some Political Thoughts

I personally believe voters are those stupid whole believe that they can defeat king makers. As usual people were standing in lanes and votes were automatically in ballet boxes. No doubt in Lahore PMLN is the strongest party but this is not the way. Since a student of a geo politics I have a strong opinion that decision are made somewhere else. They need PMLN in Pakistan just to support war on terrorism and they don’t want any hiccups for their exist in Afghanistan. I am writing these lines because things were really depressing we are a nation who is inherently corrupt so honestly we don’t true people. So for new government things will not be so easy because Pakistan is like a car who needs engine level overhauling which requires money so what will happen is that new government will increase the Taxes or in long run and go for IMF in short run. Resulting both a rise in dollar my prediction is that dollar will reach around 108-110 in first year, as usual PMLN government will try to seek help of shah Abdullah for oil to start generation of electricity but for other expense they will highly dependent on new loans. As a prediction Ishaq dar will be the new minister of treasury. In my opinion the new government will not last more than 3 or 3 ½ year because once US will be out of Afghanistan they will leave support of Pakistan and in these 3 years people will be more frustrated due to and they ll be fed-up resulting in change. On the other hand I suspect that khan wouldn’t last till that time. because this nation does not deserve a true leader. I am not a supporter of IK but I believe must give him a chance but again I am just piece of paper which can be thrown out of ballet box.

things will not settle down for this country each passing day thing will become bad to worse because the preferences are not the recovery of sick economy or growth rate and no body has time to do that.

following things will happen as per my calculate.

  1. KPK government will be formed by PMLN, JUI F, Independents and JI
  2. a minor friction will soon arise between Army and PMLN
  3. power generation will be better in the short run as of oil from KSA and no long run solution will be provided all they will do is they will utilized current capacity to generate power of charity of oil
  4. people of Karachi will be real and I do mean real bad shape. a situation like 1994 will come back because Altaf Hussain will not tolerate PMLN influence in decision making of Karachi hence as they indicated they will start a bloodshed. Altaf Hussain exactly did what I expected and he will not stop.
  5. Nawaz Sharif will try to seize MQM resulting a real bad shape of Karachi.
  6. Stock exchanges will flourish for next months then will come back to its original size of 12,13K
  7. khan will remain silent for next 1 years because media will not focus him as per instructions. because its only the media which is a powerful tool of king makers.
  8. Asif Zaradari oh I forgot yes Asif Zaradari will remain Asif Zaradari till 2018….

these are just small calculation I am not an analysis just an observer. but the again strings get motion from the shadows and no doubt voters are those stupid whole believe that they can defeat king makers



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