Thursday, March 10, 2011

Developers SEO Considerations

Every day we come office to develop applications, however it is really important if these application works better and able to gather more and more customers. following is a list of point that must be considers when develop a web application or a website in order to make sure that it will work perfectly for the search engines.

· Make sure each new page in a web site has it title text and it referenced though likes or site maps. pages without a reference gets lower priority by the search engines

· make sure that you are using headings instead of bulky images. all search engines considers headings for indexing rather images.

· on page content make sure that you have a heading (H1) with exactly same title as of page furthermore located as far to the top and left of page as possible

· Make sure that headings are properly mentioned on page and it they use heading tags like h1,H2, H3 rather font size. moreover each heading should be strong for SEO

· Make sure that title of the page is meaningful for example instead of page1 it should "TRxLink-homepage".

· Public site content should be HTML rather than Flash, Images, Silver Light, JavaScript’s

· Make sure that you not using Frame at any cost. no matter what happens Avoid Frames.

· site should not use scripts for redirection for example we have web site in a folder abc and a script file on root website redirects is to the folder where we have index page. this site will never will indexed by Search engine because of redirection

· make sure each page has a meta tag and it has meaningful phrases like "Online Purchasing system", these meta should be less than 64 words a large is treated as spam by search engines and they usually keep its rating lower

· make sure that meta key words and meta descriptions are meaningful to the page. if a page content has nothing to do with meta descriptions and keywords it ratings ultimately dropped by search engine due because it is treated as scam for SEO

· make sure that meta tags are listed in order of importance not arbitrarily furthermore it should Meta keywords and description include singular, plural and variations in spelling of core keywords. for example Purchase order, Purchase Orders, Online Purchase order, Online Purchase Orders, PO, Online PO

· make sure Meta description tag is present on each page and properly filled with keywords which are relevant to page.

· make sure that image names on pages should be properly defined not just img1, img1, imgheader because some engines confirms page meta with images names

· make sure all the clickable images have alt tags that include appropriate keywords.

· make sure that key phrase appropriately sprinkled throughout the page’s text content.

· each image on content  page should have height and width attribute

· make sure that menus are static and not loading from databases dynamic and exploding menus often skipped by Search engines

· all hyperlinks or <A> are wrapped properly with keywords for long pages

· make sure all pages have header and footers for consistency and SEO

· make sure site map is available in html, xml formats and it includes all pages.

· make sure to use title and Alt for all important tags like images and hyperlinks.

· make sure page body has at least 150 words of description which is static otherwise page will be skipped

· if changing site content place sure that you have configured 301 redirects for all old pages to new pages.

· Make sure your analytics code has been appropriately placed on all pages within the new site.

· Check for any broken navigation, internal or external links.  – I suggest doing this a second time as you launch just be certain everything is working as intended

· make sure each page is having different content otherwise your page rank will be decreased

· below is a list of html tags and their preference in search engines try use important ones.

Tag Name


Somewhat Important

No Influence
































































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